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About Actify Data Labs

Actify Data Labs is an AI (Augmented Intelligence) company that delivers rapid business impact using data science and data engineering capabilities. For humans to benefit from Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, it is extremely important that the solutions address the nuances of how humans will use them in real-life business. Many machine learning and big data initiatives fail because such nuances are not properly addressed while developing the solutions. Augmented Intelligence makes machine learning useful and accessible to everyone by making it more human.

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Unleash the power of image, text and streaming data to deliver quantified business impact.

Actify’s context-aware Risk+Plus and Customer359 solutions for Financial services and Consumer business unleash the power of image, text and streaming data to deliver quantified business impact.

Our flagship platform ADAPTify accelerates the complete data-to-decisions life cycle and democratises AI by empowering citizen data scientists. ADAPTify addresses all four stages of the data life cycle – data consolidation, visualization, machine learning model development and model implementation.

Founded in 2017, Actify Data Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of True North, a USD 2.8 Billion Private Equity Fund, with a 20-year history of investing in and transforming mid-sized companies.

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Actify Data Labs played a key role in helping Equifax leverage the power of unstructured data and significantly reduce fraud related risks across our financial services customers.

Nimilita Chatterjee
Senior VP – Data & Analytics , EQUIFAX

Right knowledge at the right hand.

Head of Projects, Toyota Finance

Agile able to incorporate new findings fast and collaborative.

Head of Analytics, ACT

The Actify Data Labs team have extensive knowledge of the credit underwriting area and were able to provide valuable inputs throughout the engagement period.

Manoj Viswanathan
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