Come Join the Data-to-Dollar Journey!Unleash the power of image, text, and streaming data to deliver quantified business impact.

Actify Data Labs is an Augmented Intelligence company that delivers rapid business impact using data science and data engineering capabilities. To obtain the most benefit from solutions that leverage Machine Learning [ML] and Artificial Intelligence, it is extremely important that they address the nuances of how humans will use them. Many ML and Big Data initiatives fail because such nuances are not properly addressed while developing solutions. Augmented Intelligence makes ML useful and accessible to everyone by making it more human.

Our flagship platform ADAPTify accelerates the complete data-to-decisions life cycle and democratizes AI by empowering data scientists. ADAPTify addresses all four stages of the data life cycle – data consolidation, visualization, machine learning model development, and model implementation.

Actify Data Labs was founded in 2017 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of True North, a USD 2.8 Billion Private Equity Fund, with a 20-year history of investing in and transforming mid-sized companies.

Our Vision

“To be the most admired partner to transform decision making by augmenting intelligence.”

Actify Data Labs aims to achieve the trifecta of superlative value creation for its customers, specializing in cutting edge data science, and building a culture that will make it the most aspiring place for a data scientist to work.

The company will focus on providing solutions to companies based on its vision of 3As: Analytics, Algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence. “Leveraging 3As in a socially responsible manner will be key to success in future."
Vishal Nevatia
True North

Our Guiding Principles:

  • Augmented Intelligence (AI)
  • Walk-the-talk in digital
  • Democratize AI
  • Remove cost barriers to adoption
  • Enable businesses to create AI
  • Focus on delivering quantifiable value most efficiently, and help create the data science organizations of the future.