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Data Driven Customer Engagement

International Coffee Chain designed a robust engagement strategy utilizing customer lifetime value and Churn Prediction to influence Customer behaviour.

Customer Lifetime Value indicates the future potential of a customer. The lifetime for every customer is usually the period that the customer continues to shop. In case of quick service restaurants…

Intelligent meta data management – addressing the Achilles’ heel of agile data platforms

Abstract: Agile end-to-end data platforms, provide a combination of pre-built connectors for building data lake, easy utilities for building data marts and various downstream usage of data including development of machine learning models, visualization and providing data or decisions to other systems…

Value in Customer Segmentation

Segmentation is a way of looking at data by dividing it into similar looking groups. These groups are different from each other while having similar attribute within each group. Customer Segmentations can be as simple as creating subsets from the entire customer base based on a basic criteria like age or gender or purchase time or it can be created based on certain behavior patterns derived using statistical techniques.

The key role of data integration in leveraging the power of machine intelligence

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is possibly the most widely discussed technology trend. There are strong views about the applications and benefits of AI, while some feel that it will bring in the apogalactic day of machine controlling human beings; a few others believe that AI will be extremely beneficial for humans.

Feature Engineering in IoT Age – How to deal with IoT data and create features for machine learning?

If you ask any experienced analytics or data science professional, what differentiates a good model from a bad model – chances are that you will hear a uniform answer.

Guide to Build Better Predictive Models using Segmentation

We use linear or logistic regression technique for developing accurate models for predicting an outcome of interest. Often, we create separate models for separate segments.

Beginner’s guide to Design of Experiments (with case study on banner advertisement)

When you visit a supermarket, you might feel overwhelmed with the discounts and free gifts that you get with your purchase. Have you ever imagined, what makes a company decide if you will be excited more by ‘discounts’ or ‘free gift’? How could they even know about you so closely?

Marketing Analytics: Essentials of Cross-Selling and Upselling (with a case study)

Cross selling and Upselling is one of the most widely discussed concept in marketing analytics. Every other day when you visit a supermarket, restaurant to purchase something, this concept comes into live action. This concept is being taught in every marketing class across the world, thereby students are expected to know of it.

Business Analytics: Applications To Consumer Marketing

by Hindol Basu (Author)

Increased customer focus and the exponential increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of data and the unrelenting need to stay one step ahead of competition has sharpened focus on using analytics within organizations. With business pressing more on the need to enhance their analytics capability for predicting and optimizing outcomes, this book offers practical guidance on the application of analytics for driving business decisions by adopting a customer centric approach to marketing.