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Machine learning model for predicting application fraud using credit bureau header data including unstructured address text, velocity and characteristics of contact information and ID information.

Toyota Finance

Strategic partner for facilitating the development and implementation of a risk underwriting model for commercial and personal auto financing.

OLA Money

Collection models and optimized collection strategies.

Home First Finance

Risk underwriting model leveraging structured and unstructured data for affordable mortgage underwriting. The solution has been instrumental in enhancing turn around time by 23%, and reducing credit loss.

Hi Care

Customer management solution for enhancing renewals extending customer lifetime. A renewal prediction model using service, complaints, call centre textual notes and customer data has helped Hi care enhance renewal rates by almost 12%. The model has been used to devise strategies to determine the right time to call a customer and the right level of discounts that should be offered to prevent churn.

A Large Insurance Company

Driver risk score based on telematics data for insurance pricing.

Seed Works

An image segmentation and pattern recognition solution to estimate yield of cotton plants. The solution has the unique ability of being effective across the life cycle of the cotton buds, which are identical to foliage colour and texture in the initial period and becomes distinct only at later stages.

Robo Silicon

An integer programming based optimization solution to route orders to specific production units to reduce cost given delivery service level agreements.


A platform powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, that will analyse numerous CT scans, Xray images and other sources of clinical data to detect anomalies and help doctors arrive at an accurate diagnosis.

Cloud Nine

Predict consultation time for patients and optimize service operations.

Act Fibernet

Predict customer churn and re connections for internet broadband services. And creation of an optimized churn management strategy.


Segmentation and dynamic models for micro targeting.

A Large Public Sector Bank

Analytics training across risk, fraud and marketing analytics.

Avail Finance

Risk strategy consulting.
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Actify Data Labs played a key role in helping Equifax leverage the power of unstructured data and significantly reduce fraud related risks across our financial services customers.

Nimilita Chatterjee
Senior VP – Data & Analytics , EQUIFAX

Right knowledge at the right hand.

Head of Projects, Toyota Finance

Agile able to incorporate new findings fast and collaborative.

Head of Analytics, ACT

The Actify Data Labs team have extensive knowledge of the credit underwriting area and were able to provide valuable inputs throughout the engagement period.

Manoj Viswanathan
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