Solution Architect

A solution architect is expected to conceptualize, build and implement solutions for delivering business benefits to clients. In the process of building the solution, the architect is expected to keep a constant focus on bringing in innovations (new and the most optimal way of solving a technology or business problem) and making the solution re-usable and product-like. The success of a solution is judged by two key measures 1) the benefit that it delivers to a particular client and 2) the extent to which it can be reused.

In creating the solution, the architect is expected to leverage a mix of data science, data engineering, technology and consulting skills. Each of the skills are important but the mix will depend on the exact solution being built.

In addition, the solution architect is expected to work closely with academic and research organizations and produce research publications, patents etc. The architect is also expected to represent the company in important academic and business forums both within the country and abroad.

Project Location(s): Bangalore
Education: Masters or above in either Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics
Compensation: Industry Standard

Must have

  • Learning aptitude and ability of picking up new skills
  • Very good problem solving skills
  • Entrepreneurial mind-set and result orientation
  • Passion for research and innovation
  • Very good communication skills
  • Ability of translating complex analytical problems and solutions to business language
  • Patience and ability of navigating ambiguous situations
  • Ability of working in a team and ability of teaching new things to team members
  • Ability of being a mentor and guide to others

Qualification & Experience

  • Business benefits delivered – through quantified financial metrics.
  • Client feedback
  • Differentiation in the market compared to other analytic solution (both product and service) providers. How the product or solution is better compared to ones that are already available in the market.
  • Repeat revenue from a particular client
  • Extent of new business that can be generated by demonstrating proof of concepts and solutions created for other clients
  • Number of research articles published
  • Number of Proof of Concepts developed

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