Actify Data Labs is a True North company


Safer Driving

Actify powered TelemagiX measures and improves safety of cities, fleets or individuals. TelemagiX captures driving behaviour for providing driver centric assistance and services.


Smart Evaluation

TelemagiX is an AI driven application which provides users with useful insights combining driving behaviour, trip context and external data


Light Weight

TelemagiX has been optimized for battery performance so that despite using GPS and sensors, it ensures that the load on the phone battery is minimal.

A superior driving experience

TelemagiX has been developed with the objective of creating a superior driving experience for its users while reducing the cost of negligent driving on the individual, the family and the society. TelemagiX uses the location sensors in the phone and GPS location to identify the driving pattern of the individual. It also tracks usage of the phone for making calls while driving.

The tracking function is activated only when the phone demonstrates speed above a threshold for a significant period, to indicate driving.

The information generated is used to calculate indicators of risky driving for each trip and for a longer time horizon. TelemagiX also calculates a consolidated driver risk score for the individual based on his/her recent driving history.

The indicators of risky driving and the driver score are used to provide real time suggestions to the individual to help improve driving behavior and thereby reduce the risk of negligent or risky driving.

TelemagiX also uses location data (captured while driving) to understand the context of a trip and use the same (if relevant) for various driving pattern identification. In addition, the weather information is also taken into consideration while analyzing the driving pattern. The weather information is not collected thorough the App but is appended from other sources.

key features

Capture real time driving behaviour

Capture distracted driving based on in-car phone usage

Capture driving behaviour during adverse weather conditions

Real time collision detection

Calculate a multi-dimensional driver risk score based on recent driving behaviour

Driver driving pattern based on long-term driving style

Suggestions for improving driving behaviour

Detection of other modes of transportation

Driver life style and geo-demographic profiling

Affluence segmentation and financial risk indicators

Key event identification

Fuel refilling pattern

Ultra-low phone battery consumption

Seamlessly integrates data from OBD and the TeleMagiX App

Real time fleet tracking and route adherence

Family safety and alerts