Sentiment Analytics Tool

Discover sentiment & uncover insights

Most of the feedback left by customers is in open-text form. And this unstructured data also contains the most useful and valuable insight. Our Sentiment Analytics tool leverages ML and NLP to analyze open-text feedback.

Listen to what your customers are saying and automate actionable insights.

Translate data into actionable insights

Analyze the true sentiment of your audience in real-time. Understand what matters the most for your customers, clients, or employees at the most relevant moment.

Learn about your customer’s real feeling

Our sentiment analytics tool scans through millions of unstructured text feedback and classifies the texts into-positive, negative, and neutral.

The text is further assigned sentiment scores as the responses come up in real-time. 

Uncover trends and prioritize topics

Powered by ML, our sentiment analytics tool identifies and uncovers trends from a large volume of text before they become problematic.

Sort recurring topics and visualize the sentiment split of any given topic or keyword. 

Insights for all

Assign dashboards to the right person. Leverage the powerful role-based dashboard that enables everyone in your team to find the correct information quickly. 

The dashboard offers various options for a visual representation of the data.

Work in collaboration

Share the active link with your team to enable everyone to collaborate.

You can also leave a comment on a chart and initiate a conversation with the other members.

Learn and grow with our sentiment analytics tool

In survey responses, you may see a gap between the experience score and the feedback that follows. This gap is often overlooked.

With our sentiment analytics tool, you can look past those scores and learn what your customers actually want to tell you.  

Automate insight generation:

No coding or manual analysis. Automate the analysis of incoming text feedback to enable your team to make faster and wiser decisions.  

Understand customers across various programs:

Integrate our sentiment analytics tool with VoC, NPS, CSAT, or CX surveys. Reinforce your CX program with deeper and valuable insights.  

Improve customer experience with effective actions:

Generate smart insights by analyzing the real voice of customers. Harness the sentiment analytics tool to empower your teams with the right data and enable them to design effective strategies.  

Omnichannel platform:

Never miss any text feedback on any channel and from any customer. Regardless of the channel customers use to share their feedback, always stay up-to-date on sentiment analysis.