Clinical Analytics Suite

business objectives

  • Enhance patient outcomes
  • Improve doctor productivity

Philosophy: According to health standards “Medecine has been a clinial science supported by data. Medecine is about to become a data science supported by clinicians”.

Many experts believe that Medicine is about to become data science supported by clinicians; rather than being a clinical science supported by data. AI and machine learning is in the process of transforming clinical decision making in a very significant way. Expertise in analyzing medical images, making sense out of streaming data from medical devices and combining all structured and unstructured clinical data sources for improving patient outcomes and enhancing productivity of clinicians is transforming the field of clinical sciences.

Actify Data Labs is building Computer Assisted Diagnosis solutions for:

  • Analyzing medical images like CT Scans, Mammography, MRI etc. to help improve patient outcomes
  • Mining of unstructured text and prescriptions for identifying clinical opinion
  • Analyzing sensor data from wearables and medical devices for patient monitoring and prediction of possible hazards

Ensuring almost zero false negatives and integrating the solutions within the current clinical processes to aid human decision making is a hallmark of the solutions being developed by Actify Data Labs

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