Credit Risk Plus

business objectives

  • Reduce credit loss
  • Reduce turn around time and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Enhance addressable customer base through better credit risk assessment

Philosophy: Risk analytics is one of the most established areas of analytics, the first risk scorecards being developed as far back as the late 1950’s; howver still today risk analytics remains an area of active innovaiton and research.

customer life cycle

A lender’s ability of tapping newer data sources and transforming the process of credit evaluation is driving tectonic shifts in the financial services industry. The credit underwriting process for both individuals and small businesses is being redefined based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Actify Data Lab’s credit risk solutions are structured along the customer life cycle, the solutions include:

  • Origination risk estimation
  • Existing customer risk estimation
  • High risk account management
  • Early stage collection management
  • Late stage collection management

leveraging alternate data source

With regards to each of these solutions, Actify Data Labs builds in tools and methodologies for leveraging alternate data sources with the aim of enhancing predictive power for bureau no-hit and thin file segments. The common sources include:

  • Utility data
  • Liability and savings data
  • Social media data
  • Location data
  • Non-financial transaction data
  • Text and voice interaction data
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