Enablement Services

Almost every industry has witnessed an exponential increase in the volume of data and the velocity of change in data, facilitated by a tremendous increase in computation power.

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Marketing & Customer Analytics

Traditional marketing has been focussing on the volume of the customer base. Over time, firms have realised that every customer is not equally valuable for the firm.

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Risk Management

Quantifying, predicting and managing risks is most critical to ensure a healthy P&L and solvency for lending and insurance businesses.

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Customer 359

Customer centricity has remained the holy grail of marketing. Today we have more and more data about the customer, which is helping us get closer and closer to the goal of being truly customer centric.

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Credit Risk Plus

Risk analytics is one of the most established areas of analytics, the first risk scorecards being developed as far back as the late 1950’s; howver still today risk analytics remains an area of active innovaiton and research.

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Actify Data Labs played a key role in helping Equifax leverage the power of unstructured data and significantly reduce fraud related risks across our financial services customers.

Nimilita Chatterjee
Senior VP – Data & Analytics , EQUIFAX

Right knowledge at the right hand.

Head of Projects, Toyota Finance

Agile able to incorporate new findings fast and collaborative.

Head of Analytics, ACT

The Actify Data Labs team have extensive knowledge of the credit underwriting area and were able to provide valuable inputs throughout the engagement period.

Manoj Viswanathan
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